Energywise Certificate

Who can apply?

All local private and public companies and organisations as well as their individual functional units that primarily operate within Hong Kong are welcome.


The Energywi$e Certificate is to recognise companies / organisations for their commitment to and efforts in environmental protection through energy conservation. Certificate holders can enjoy many benefits, such as

Save cost

Energy saving encourages efficient use of energy in daily operation of companies/organisations which help to save cost on energy consumption.

Enhance Productivity and Competitiveness

Energy saving helps to increase business competitiveness and enhance the corporate image by attracting customers who value the commitment of companies to improve the environment.

Obtain technical assistance with energy saving practices

Our Technical Consultant will provide support to Energywi$e Certificate participants on energy saving practices for free.

Contribute to Environmental Protection

Energy saving helps to improve the standard of living for all.

Awarded a prestigious Energywi$e Certificate

The Certificate is synonymous with exceptional leadership in the environmental arena to promote the achievement of the Certificate in energy saving.

Recognise and publicise achievement in energy saving

Becoming an Energywi$e Certificate holder means entering into a partnership with the Government to achieve common environmental objectives. The ECC may commend the efforts of certificate holders through publicity and marketing activities that will make their environmental achievements and contributions known to the public.

Participate in HKAEE

Certificate holders can also achieve relevant bonus points in the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE), which is an annual award led by the ECC, aiming to recognise the overall environmental achievements of an organisation. Details of the HKAEE are in the HKAEE Programme Booklet on the HKAEE website.

Recognised by other Environmental Protection Award Programmes and Schemes
Programme Benefits for Energywi$e Certificate Holders
BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards Programme 1 bonus point on top of the full marks. More Details
BEAM Plus scheme 1 bonus credit in BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0 – Comprehensive Scheme; or 1 credit in Energy Use Aspects under BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0 – Selective Scheme. More Details
Caring Company Scheme Criterion on "Caring for the Environment, Criteria 5 – Environmental Label or other recognition" fulfilled. More Details
Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS) Two Green Office Best Practice Criteria fulfilled. More Details
CLP Smart Energy Award 5 points in the CLP Smart Energy Award. More Details
Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) 2.5 points in the LOOP labelling verification (Maximum credits gained in LOOP labelling verification are 5 points or 5% of total credits). More Details
Green Shop Alliance Award (GSA) 1 bonus point in HKGSA Award assessment. More Details
Enjoy Discounts on other Green Mark and Label Schemes
Scheme Discount offered to Energywi$e Certificate Holders
Hong Kong Green Mark Discount on application fee and quarterly surveillance fee for each first application. More Details
Hong Kong Green Label Scheme Discount on application fee for each first application. More Details

Certification Criteria - Levels, Requirements and Validity

There are three levels of the Energywi$e Certificate, namely basic, good and excellent, depending on the extent of achievement of the measures as illustrated below.

Energywise Table

Certification Process

Companies / organisations can join the Certificate all year round. The diagram below will guide you through the certification process.

Energywise Process Energywise Process


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