Carbon Reduction Certificate

Who can apply?

All local private and public companies and organisations as well as their individual functional units located in Hong Kong are welcome.

The Carbon Reduction Certificate consists of the below three categories which are confined to certain types of buildings or business sectors where carbon footprinting processes are more readily defined in a local context. Participation should be based on facilities/business units located in Hong Kong only.
(i) Type I – Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings Mainly of Office-based Nature and Buildings of Institutional Purposes;
(ii) Type II – Office-based Organisations / Operational Units; and
(iii) Type III – Other Non-industrial Trades.


The Carbon Reduction Certificate recognises companies / organisations for their commitment to and efforts in environmental protection through carbon reduction. Certificate holders can enjoy many benefits, such as –

Save cost
Utilisation of electricity, town gas, fuel, water, etc. can reflect the extent of carbon emission. Carbon reduction encourages efficient use of resources and therefore helps to save costs.
Enhance productivity and competitiveness
Carbon reduction helps to increase business competitiveness and enhance the corporate image by attracting customers who value the commitment of companies to improving the environment.
Contribute to environmental protection
Carbon reduction helps to improve the standard of living for all. Air pollution can be reduced by carbon reduction in order to protect the Earth's climate.
Awarded a prestigious carbon reduction certificate
The Certificate is synonymous with exceptional leadership in the environmental arena to promote the achievement of the Certificate holder in carbon reduction.
Recognise and publicise achievement in carbon reduction
Becoming a Carbon Reduction Certificate holder means entering into a partnership with the Government to achieve common environmental objectives. The ECC may commend the efforts of certificate holders through publicity and marketing activities that will make their environmental achievements and contributions known to the public.
Participate in HKAEE
Certificate holders can also achieve relevant bonus points in the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE), which is an annual award led by the ECC, aiming to recognise the overall environmental achievements of an organisation. Details of the HKAEE are in the HKAEE Programme Booklet on the HKAEE official website.
Recognised by other Environmental Protection Award Programmes and Schemes
Programme Benefits for Carbon Reduction Certificate Holders
BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards Programme 1 bonus point on top of the full marks. More Details
BEAM Plus scheme 1 bonus credit in BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0 – Comprehensive Scheme; or 1 credit in Energy Use Aspects under BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0 – Selective Scheme.. More Details
Caring Company Scheme Criterion on "Caring for the Environment, Criteria 5 – Environmental Label or other recognition" fulfilled. More Details
Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS) Two Green Office Best Practice Criteria fulfilled. More Details
CLP Smart Energy Award 5 points in CLP Smart Energy Award. More Details
Green Shop Alliance Award (GSA) 1 bonus point in HKGSA Award assessment. More Details
Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP)(only for Type II) Major requirement on LOOP labelling verification fulfilled. More Details
Enjoy Discounts on other Green Mark and Label Schemes
Scheme Discount offered to Carbon Reduction Certificate Holders
Hong Kong Green Mark Certification Scheme Discount on application fee and quarterly surveillance fee for each first application. More Details
Hong Kong Green Label Scheme Discount on application fee for each first application. More Details

Certification Requirements

Requirements Carbon Reduction N% Certificate
For First-time participants Achieve at least a 3% reduction in overall carbon footprint against baseline*
Participants applying for renewal of the certificate At least maintain the best carbon footprint reduction record among previous year(s), and having

- achieved at least another 3% reduction in overall carbon footprint against baseline* within three consecutive years#; or

- implemented new measures with education elements with a valid and convincing explanation in case participants cannot further reduce their carbon footprint in the next 3-year cycle. Examples of education elements include printing / using logos with proper user rights granted under HKGOC on their letterheads / name cards / websites, etc. to promote HKGOC. Explanation on and endorsement of such measures are subject to the final approval of the Organisers.

* Baseline refers to “baseline total emissions” or “baseline emission as measured by the value of an acceptable ratio indicator”.
# Participants may opt to submit QSP Reports within the 3-year validity period of the Certificate for early renewal. They should also at least maintain the best carbon footprint record among previous year(s) and have achieved at least another 1% reduction per year in overall carbon footprint against baseline*.

Certification Process

Companies / organisations can join the Certificate all year round. The diagram below will guide you through the certification process.

Carbon Process Carbon Process

* The Qualified Service Provider, who is appointed by the participant as both quantifier and verifier of carbon emissions, should take effective means to maintain its independence in conducting verification work in accordance with the requirements in ISO 14064-3.


The Carbon Reduction Certificate granted to participants is valid for three years from the date of certificate accreditation and subject to renewal before expiry.

Each certificate indicates the period in which the achievement was made as a historical achievement. The participant can announce this historical achievement for three years and shall seek further achievements in the next 3-year interval and announce the next interval's achievement accordingly.


Type I: Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings Mainly of Office-based Nature and Buildings of Institutional Purposes

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Type II: Office-based Organisations /Operational Units

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Type III: Other Non-industrial Trades

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QSP List for Type I,II,III

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List of awardees

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